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Expert Led, Customer Service Oriented
ICT Solutions Provider.

IC Bestlink Telecoms Corporation is a proudly 100% Filipino owned corporation providing state of the art and innovative Information & Communication Technology (ICT) solutions and services for the enterprise market.


18 years of experience in deploying various ICT solutions for various local and international customers.


Dedicated and focused in delivering ICT consultancy & designs

Value Added

Provides supply, installation, commissioning and managed services in the line of multiple ICT products and solutions


Our vision is to be a leader in the Information & Communication Technology solutions deployment using various ICT solutions and professional services covering both inside and outside Metro Manila enterprise customers/partners. We envision our solutions, services and processes to be the leader in customer advocacy and customer-oriented methodologies both in the commercial and technical aspects.


IC Bestlink functions to provide the ICT market the BestLink towards innovative and state of the art enterprise solution consultancy, design, supply and solutions deployment; customer-oriented enterprise professional and managed services; economical and flexible commercial arrangements catered to the demanding and price sensitive Philippine ICT market.

IC Bestlink functions to provide our staff and manpower the BestLink towards a clear and achievable career advancement and fulfillment in the practice of Information and Communications Technology

IC Bestlink functions to provide the ICT industry the fulfillment in the realization and deployment of real-time practical realistic technology for today and beyond.

Corporate Credibilities

Why Trust IC BestLink

Philippine Telco Accredited Business Partner

Certified Protection Professional

Philippine Government E-Procurement Accredited (Platinum)

Philippine Contractor Accreditation Board (Cat D) Licensed

Dun & Bradstreet DUNS Registered under account reference

Philippine Telco Accredited Business Partner

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