Unify is the Atos brand for Communications and Collaboration. We are one of the world’s leading communications software and services brands, providing integrated communications and collaboration solutions worldwide. Our customers range in size from 5 employees to 500,000+ employees.

Unify Unified Communications


OpenScape Business offers small and medium-sized enterprises everything they need for their individual and diverse communication requirements, unified in a single flexible and scalable solution. The OpenScape Business architecture allows use independently of the existing telephony infrastructure regardless of whether this is classic telephony, IP or DECT. From powerful telephony to a feature-rich set Unified Communication (UC) solution.

UNIFY 4000

From the proven HiPath 4000, OpenScape 4000 has already sold more
than 30 million ports in 80 countries across the globe. The OpenScape 4000 is the convergent IP communication platform for companies with 300 to 100,000 employees. The feature-richness of the OpenScape 4000 is proven daily in more than 25,000 customer installations. The future-proof architecture supports IP-distributed branch concepts and complex corporate networks as well as standalone systems.

Unify Unified Software Application


OpenScape™ Contact Center©  is an omni-channel integrated contact center solution designed to improve engagement at a very competitive price. It advances an organization’s ability to more effectively deploy agent and supervisor resources, as well as providing new ways of handling interactions. It also improves engagement with vendors and partners, and expands ecosystem options with a modern REST SDK.

OpenScape Contact Center delivers intelligent routing for a mid-to-large contact center, with up to 1,500 active agents on a single site. Multiple OpenScape Contact Center servers can be networked across physical or virtual
sites for increased scalability of up to 7,500 active agents. Whether using inbound or outbound interactions, single-site or multi-site, or even if you want to integrate with your existing CRM system, OpenScape Contact Center Enterprise provides the capabilities you need for your contact center.


OpenScape UC Application is a highly open Unified Communications solution for enterprises that need an extremely flexible solution. It increases team performance through seamless, intuitive, and efficient collaboration and increasing staff productivity. OpenScape UC Application is based on the Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) and therefore easily integrates itself in different IT and telephony environments as well as in legacy-based Microsoft or IBM applications. Additionally, for enterprises that would like the benefits of transformational process efficiencies offered by Communications Embedded Business Processes (CEBP), this is the application that seamlessly integrates other business applications and social networks

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